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  • Theodore Lee

    Theodore Lee

    Passionate about healthcare. BME and Math @johnshopkins , Product @BCBSAssociation , Managing Partner @ALevelCapital

  • Julian Carter

    Julian Carter

    Technology VC Investor. Paying it Forward.

  • Emily Lee

    Emily Lee

    vc @alevelcapital | portfolio impact @greenspringvc |

  • Charlie Almoney

    Charlie Almoney

  • Simran Suri

    Simran Suri

    Investing at Equal Ventures & A-Level Capital | Johns Hopkins ‘20

  • Vishnu Joshi

    Vishnu Joshi

    Associate @ A-Level Capital | JHU CE/CS ‘21

  • Sumanth Nallamotu

    Sumanth Nallamotu

    Learn for yourself, teach for others.

  • Caleb Leman

    Caleb Leman

    Areas of interest include social entrepreneurship, permaculture, mushrooms, Christian mystic/contemplative traditions, and philosophy.

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