I recently re-watched Bandersnatch, the most recent Black Mirror episode that got a lot of hype in Dec 2018 because of the “choose your own adventure” thing. I remember being disappointed when I watched it 2 yrs ago and I’m here to say, I am still disappointed.

Okay. So, the concept was cool, and I don’t want to take away from that (those programmers deserve 100% of the credit), because the choose your own story stuff is a much needed change of pace from the filler nonsense that most streaming sites were releasing at the time. …

Some key considerations for investing in Life Sciences & Therapeutics companies.

While most life sciences companies seek venture funding, few generalist VCs actually go through diligence on these companies. This leads life sciences rounds to often only contain sector-specific funds and investors, with very few (if any) generalist investors. Many sector-agnostic VC’s, A-Level Capital included, have found that life sciences DD is very different from SaaS, fintech, or even AI DD because of the high technical knowledge gap surrounding the markets and product offerings.

As someone who’s part of the team at A-Level Capital and also at Sands Capital Ventures…

One of the most rapidly emerging fields in the computation space is quantum computing. Unlike a lot of emerging computing trends that seem to pop up out of nowhere, quantum computing is a term that has been around for a while. To properly understand where quantum computing is going, we need to look critically at the role that big companies AND small companies play in the space. This can be done quantitatively — with empirical data, and qualitatively — with high level analyses. Let’s do both.

The Quantitative

Starting with a quantitative look at the industry, the first recorded “quantum computing” deal…

COVID-19 has had unforeseen and unpredictable impacts on many industries, including Venture Capital. VC, an industry predicated on personal relationships and accessibility, now needed to operate virtually. Did early stage companies shift their focus from their next funding round to staying afloat? Did late stage companies take a second look at potential sales cycle disruption and employee safety? Here at A-Level Capital, we wanted to quantify COVID-19’s impact on the VC space. We wanted to answer questions like how has VC funding changed since the onset of COVID? Has it changed at all? …

Shreya Singh

head of tech @alevelcapital, vc @sandscapventures

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